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T is for Tanya, which also stands for:

Tanya Ciurro

Senior Manager

Tanya’s favorite things? Correctly using hashtags, empowering teams to strategically use social media and spending time with animals. Her combined passions brought her to Filament where she’s a social savant for her clients.

From Facebook updates to new LinkedIn ads, Tanya is right at home in the ever-changing world of B2B social media. Her jam is creating social playbooks, outlining strategy and best practices for every social channel imaginable.

Animals and the outdoors have always been a big part of Tanya’s life. When she’s not hiking mountains, it’s not uncommon to find Tanya poring over pictures of adorable animals. Her dogs, Milli (chihuahua) and Dwayne (lab/retriever mix), even have their own Instagram profile – @meetmillianddwayne.

Fun fact about Tanya: her initials are TLC. Fitting, because she gives every animal – and social post – tender, loving care.

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