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Farming for the Future Foundation

Launch Brochure

Farming for the Future Foundation (FFTFF) is dedicated to educating consumers on agricultural innovation and sustainability to better inform the public about where their food and fiber come from. A worthwhile mission, and we were proud to help FFTFF introduce their brand to the world.

As a new non-profit funded by growers, FFTFF certainly knew their purpose and goals. Our challenges were:

  1. Increase support among their peers
  2. Do it in a way that was flexible enough to adapt for the consumer audience

We put together a brochure that not only informed readers of FFTFF’s mission but did so in a visually captivating way. The aspirational centerfold invoked the community connection the organization aims to forge, as well as the innovation occurring in agriculture that FFTFF wants to educate others about.

A total of 500 brochures were printed in an initial run and were used at a grower’s dinner, in conversations between board members and potential investors, as well as at a meeting of the Central Wisconsin Days public officials. The brochures were well received, requiring another run of printing.

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