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Purina® Animal Nutrition

Purina® All Seasons™ Cattle Nutrition Program

“Filament did an excellent job working with our expert to make this piece really come to life. And, the cover placement was an awesome bonus to launch the program!”
- Tina Ilstrup, Account Manager

We had just launched the Purina® All Seasons Cattle Nutrition Program, and we needed to hit the ground running with one of our key storylines — fetal programming. The term itself seems intimidating, right?

Instead of boring cattle producers to death with technical jargon, we painted a picture of a cow’s pregnancy through each trimester. We showed how a bad day can ultimately impact the developing calf for the long-run.

Did the story resonate? The editors sure felt it would. They used it as their print issue cover story. It was a coveted spot to be in during the month of our new program launch, resulting in 85,071 potential impressions.

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