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A is for Al,
which also stands for:

Al Thompson


Need a fresh idea? A witty headline? Advice on rocking a Hawaiian shirt? Just ask Al. His outside-of-the-box thinking (and morning caffeine consumption) fuels the high-level concepts and fine-tuned words that flow into clients’ campaigns and give marketing materials zing.

Al’s desire to create began on his family’s fifth-generation farm. With a curious mind, oodles of acres and way too many tools at his disposal, he began tinkering and creating at a young age. His curiosity and creativity never faded, ultimately driving him to pursue the field of advertising. Al served in agency and in-house creative positions before realizing he wanted to work on projects that felt a little more like home (on the farm) – which brought him to Filament.

When Al isn’t crafting the next big idea, you can find him firing up a charcoal grill or gearing up for his next adventure. Exploring the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and backpacking across Europe are both on his must-do list.


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