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A is for Al, which also stands for:

Al Thompson


Need a fresh idea? On-strategy creative? Advice on rocking a Hawaiian shirt? Just ask Al. His out-of-the-box thinking (and morning caffeine consumption) fuels the high-level concepts that flow into client campaigns and give marketing materials a competitive edge.

Al’s love for creating began on his family’s fifth-generation farm. With a curious mind, more acreage than a kid could ask for and way too many tools at his disposal, he began tinkering and toying at a young age. His think-it, build-it mindset never faded, ultimately leading him to the field of advertising. Having worked in multiple agency and in-house creative positions, Al comes to Filament with great knowledge of the ad industry and new ideas to apply to ag marketing.

When Al isn’t crafting the next big idea, you can find him firing up a charcoal grill, hitting the road for his next adventure or unprofessionally critiquing a restaurant’s cheese curds.

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