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N is for Nate, which also stands for:

Nate Mueller


You know the concept of yin and yang – when two seemingly opposite forces complement each other? That’s Nate’s brain. One side is wildly imaginative and inventive, and the other executes creative projects with meticulous attention to detail.

His detailed side earned him an accounting and finance degree and jobs at public relations agencies. He sharpened his business skills, but his creative side was restless. He kept looking down the hallway to the design team’s work. Finally, he embraced his true passion for creative concept development and added a design degree to his resume. His career spans from agency to in-house and taken him from San Diego and Chicago before returning to Wisconsin. At Filament, Nate does what he loves best – leading a team of creatives in serving up fresh ideas for clients.

Nate is as comfortable kicking it on the farm as he is sitting alongside the lake with an IPA. He’s a regular at Wisconsin’s Breakfast on the Farm events and supports local agriculture by buying seasonal food direct from farmers. When not tinkering with pixels, you can find Nate roaming the hills around Mount Horeb with his wife, two sons and daughter – occasionally with a small, fluffy white dog in tow.

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