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E is for Ed,
which also stands for:

Ed Peck

Founder & CEO

Driven entrepreneur. Marketing master. Superior strategist. It should come as no surprise these qualities belong to Ed, founder of Filament. With more than 20 years of agriculture marketing leadership, he’s left his mark on numerous industry-leading brands. Ed is committed to client leadership and presents new ideas and solutions that are relevant, sustainable and distinguished.

Ed’s passion is agriculture – a love that began at a young age on his uncle’s dairy. His earliest farm memories include lifting 3-gallon milk pails to feed calves when the pails were only 10 inches shorter than him. To this day, his driving force lies in his appreciation for the dairy cow.

Ed’s entrepreneurial fire extends to his farm where he has dairy and beef cattle, chickens and goats. What species will he add next? Make your guess.

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