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L is for Leah, which also stands for:
Limitless Creativity

Leah DiPasquale


What do children’s books and agricultural designs have in common? Leah. While unbeknownst to her, Leah’s Filamentarian training began at age 8 with a “How to Draw Horses” library book. Fascinated by their beauty, she was excited at how challenging horses were to draw. After pouring over the book and a lot of practice, nothing could deter her (not even complicated back legs) from whipping out her crayons and creating equine masterpieces.

Today, Leah’s love for drawing animals shines through in her designs at Filament. Whether it’s creating illustrative infographics, designing detailed layouts or bold and creative ads, she tackles every design challenge with the same spirit and determination as her 8-year-old self (with a lot more skills to boot).

Leah’s creativity doesn’t stop when she leaves the office. She enjoys spending her free time illustrating children’s books and magazines and drawing just for fun.

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