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L is for Lindsey, which also stands for:

Lindsey Weber


What do rugby, ninjas and Oxford sheep have in common? Lindsey, of course! As a self-proclaimed “creative idea ninja,” Lindsey’s armed with an Expo marker and ready to take notes during any (and all) brainstorm sessions. While her rugby position was a “wing,” she’s not winging anything when it comes to her clients. She’s the go-to gal for tackling any challenge with a good attitude and a whole lot of wit.

Not only is she the reigning queen of status updates, but Lindsey was also the inaugural Midwest Horse Fair Queen. (Read: The dream job of any girl who grew up with a slew of Quarter Horses.) Crowns and sashes aside, her agriculture experiences span from lambing ewes by herself at age nine (in the dead of winter) to showing her cattle, lambs and horses at the national level. Her family’s 200-acre livestock farm also partners with the Milwaukee Public School System, allowing more than 20,000 elementary students from the city experience Wisconsin farming each year.

Sounds like the perfect Filamentarian? Just wait, it gets better. Lindsey has an extensive background in the equine industry as a marketing and sales professional. The opportunity to explore new ways of viewing and engaging our clients’ audiences is one of the many reasons she gets out of bed in the morning.


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