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A is for Ace, which also stands for:


Bull Calf

His name’s Ace, never heard of him? Then you’d better find a copy of the latest Red Book, because he tops all the charts. (We’re pretty sure he’s a shoo-in for Rookie of the Year.)

At +2800 GTPI, +3.50 Type and +950 Net Merit Dollars, he’s already the talk of the dairy industry. While there are a few AI studs looking to add Ace to their lineup, he’s pretty content in his dugout at the Delafield office. With a lot less action than our home base in Madison, he’s able to crunch numbers in peace – which is perfect because he’s kind of an introvert. Except for when you’re talking statistics, trends or projections. Whether it be for a client or your favorite baseball team, you’ll want him in your bull pen.

Ace got his start on the Purina® AMPLI-CALF® Program – and that’s where he found his love for America’s pastime, baseball. He hopes to make it to the Little League World Series next year and someday get drafted for the Majors. (Fingers crossed he’ll play for the Brewers!)

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