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S is for Shannon, which also stands for:

Shannon Linderoth

Senior Manager

Shannon has dedicated her career to chasing phrases around the page and seeking just the right words to bring thoughts and ideas to life. As a content creator she is humbled by the stories of farmers, experts and clients whose stories she gets to tell. And, she’s in continual awe of their dedication, perseverance, humor and devotion to all things agriculture.

Shannon grew up on a 40-cow dairy in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, learning the value of hard work, muddy shoes and a good laugh. 4-H and her dairy farmer father taught her a deep appreciation for dairy cattle breeding and showmanship, and an abiding love for bovines. In fact, market steers funded her journalism degree at Central Michigan University.

Shannon joins Filament’s growing team of ag enthusiasts scattered across the nation. She’s an avid reader and home decorator. Every summer she attempts to garden, but really wages war with deer, rabbits and assorted other critters. Occasionally she wins. She’s also dedicated to explaining she lives in the “banana belt” of the U.P. and winters there truly aren’t that bad… most of the time.

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