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J is for Jeff, which also stands for:
Jamming to Hairbands
Jordan 1 Sneaker-Head
Jeep Lover

Jeff Faralli


Complex problems call for creative solutions. And that’s why we have Jeff. For him, discovering new perspectives and solving problems is not only a daily routine, but a hobby. Careful consideration is his specialty, as he dives into the visual story behind each logo, brand or big idea to convey an authentic message. Jeff knows beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is why he starts each creative project with the audience in mind.

After graduating with a fine arts degree and graphic design emphasis, Jeff gathered a wealth of knowledge in both B2B and B2C communications in a variety of industries, including agriculture. While he has mastered the art of visual storytelling through his decades of experience, Jeff loves the challenge of immersing himself in things he may be unfamiliar with.

Jeff spends his time outside the office with his family exploring all things outdoorsy. And, when he’s not kayaking, Jeff is likely searching for the perfect Old Fashioned and fish fry combination around. What better meal to pair with a Packers or Bucks game?

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