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C is for Curly,
which also stands for:
Creep feed



Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Not this pig. Curly is fearless when it comes to pushing boundaries to find the next big thing in agriculture marketing. He’ll huff and puff until he knocks it out of the park. No straw houses here. Only solid, strategic marketing plans.

Curly grew up on a 3,600-sow farm in southeast Missouri. The runt of the litter, he was held back from the weaning group bound for a grow/finish barn in Iowa. It must have been fate as he met the Swine Team the next day during a video shoot in his barn. He hopped in the front of their biosecure coveralls and headed for Wisconsin.

Hanging out by the storage room, Curly likes to keep to himself. But his buddy, Wilbur, keeps things interesting. It’s a full-time job keeping that piglet under control.

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