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H stands for Hayley, which also stands for:
High reaching

Hayley Bolinder


Hayley is a puzzle solving whiz. She spends her free time strategizing puzzles and finds design to be very similar – simply a puzzle to solve.

Hayley is highly analytical and thrives on strategy. From illustration to creating graphics, she finds the missing piece to make information pop with meaning. Digital ads, restaurant menu designs, print ads, infographics and beyond – Hayley finds excitement in creating something that’s never existed in the world before. Her design interests and creative pursuits led to a degree in Multimedia Digital Art from UW-Whitewater and subsequent career in graphic design.

Outside of Filament, you can find Hayley baking, watching musicals or finishing a crossword or sudoku puzzle. Want to spur some friendly competition? Challenge Hayley to a board game, we dare you.

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