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B is for Brooke, which also stands for:
Best Pet Mom

Brooke Strain


When it comes to coordinating advertising placements for our clients, Brooke has the perfect recipe. Start by mixing her order management expertise with her excitement for trying new marketing tactics, then fold in her desire to learn. Top with a love for potlucks and local restaurants and…viola! A perfect paid media specialist every time.

Brooke joins the Filament crew as an alumna from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, bringing her plethora of experiences in communications and digital studies (and her love for Bucky Badger, of course!). Before joining Filament, she gained experience in a wide variety of marketing skills, from social media to order management and everything in between. Her love of ticking off to-do lists and conquering projects big and small makes her a perfect addition to our digital media team.

Brooke can’t wait to dive in and learn all about agriculture — especially the animals. Her love for critters was clear when she walked into her interview and told us about her pets: a chinchilla, cat and turtle. Her dream animal? A meerkat. Or a goat, of course. She does work at Filament after all.

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