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M is for Malerie, which also stands for:

Malerie Koberle


Malerie is a pro at operating outside her comfort zone. A life of sports and competition has taught her winning happens when you break barriers and go the extra mile. Malerie will push the entire team out of their comfort zone and go to bat for her clients (quite literally – she’d love to play on your softball team).

Malerie was surrounded by farming her whole life. She learned many valuable lessons on the family farm in southwest Wisconsin, including how to find an actual needle in a haystack (she says it wasn’t funny). Pranks aside, her years on the farm eventually turned into a career in country radio, assisting with the local farm broadcast before moving to agency life.

When she’s not pushing the Filamentarians to play softball, keeping campaigns on track or managing budgets, you can find Malerie with her husband playing the never-ending game of Chase the Toddler with their daughter.

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