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B is for Bowen, which also stands for:
Brownie Lover

Bowen Brunner


The best way to describe Bowen is downright creative. He’s got a real knack for making visuals that leave lasting impressions. Need a new creative idea or an animation that catches the eye? Bowen is the guy for the job.

He started drawing as a kid before getting interested in software. After playing around with design for years, he started his formal education at Madison College and graduated in December 2019.

Bowen has a great appreciation for farmers after spending a summer working on a farm. There, he harvested produce, picked weeds and developed a great disdain for prickly weeds – namely, nettles.

If Bowen isn’t at his desk creating tomorrow’s most buzz-worthy graphics, you can probably find him going for a walk or in the kitchen. He makes a mean pizza… from scratch.

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