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J is for Jeff,
which also stands for:

Jeff Hoffelt

Vice President

Jeff is our social media specialist. He thrives on ever-changing algorithms and is a selfie master. His greatest addiction? Helping our social pages get extraordinary engagement rates. Within an hour, you might find him penning a new Facebook post, helping a teammate launch an Instagram account and giving clients a 101 on the latest social trends.

Go to your dictionary and look up the word “adventurous.” That’s Jeff’s life in a nutshell. He’s always willing to try new methods, ideas and experiences. Jeff takes in-the-box thinking and tears the box apart. It’s why his teammates bribe him into their brainstorms with venti iced caramel macchiatos.

Jeff grew up in the tiny metropolis of Bruce, Wis., on his family’s dairy farm (read as “zoo”). He raised everything from rabbits and waterfowl to show cattle and a donkey. You know that kid with animals in every barn at the county fair? That was Jeff.

But, small-town life doesn’t define him. He’s lived in Hawaii, covered agriculture across Wisconsin and uses PTO for trips from Paris to Tijuana.

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