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D is for Daisy,
which also stands for:


Dairy Calf

Daisy stands out from the herd. Have you ever seen an orange calf before? When other calves dream of milk replacer and shiny parlors, Daisy dreams of direct mail campaigns and trade show booths. Whether it’s brainstorming sessions, presentations or client meetings, Daisy’s ready to inspire Filamentarians to think outside of the calf hutch.

Daisy’s office is in the Showring – a fitting location as she hopes to one day be a World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion. Just like on the colored shavings, the Showring is where the magic happens, and Daisy has a front row seat.

Excellence is in her DNA, literally. Born on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin, Daisy comes from a long line of Excellent cows. She racked up several trophies but knows National Agri-Marketing Association awards are better than blue ribbons.

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