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H is for Hoss,
which also stands for:



Stationed outside of the Feedlot (aka kitchen), Hoss is the head honcho of all things food at Filament. He’s been all about feed efficiency since day one. While other Fiberglass Farm members strive to be long and lean, Hoss isn’t afraid of an extra pound or two here or there. Back fat? Bring it on.

Hoss scoffs at Filamentarians eating Lean Cuisines and salads. He’s all meat, with a side of potatoes. His favorite days at the office involve potlucks, and he’s been known to break out the party sombrero when the theme calls for it.

He had humble beginnings, born on a cow/calf operation in west Texas. When he didn’t make the cut (pun-intended) as a breeding bull, he headed off to the feedlot. From there, he jumped on a trailer bound for Madison, Wis.

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