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A and M stand for Ann Marie,
which also stands for:

Ann Marie Ames


You know how 3-year-olds never stop asking questions? Ann Marie is like that, but with caffeine. Her writing career started in a dairy barn in the late 1970’s. It went something like this:

Ann Marie: What’s that?

Dad: It’s an udder. That’s where the milk comes from.

Ann Marie: How does the milk get in there?

Dad: Well, the cow eats hay and she turns it into milk so her calf can eat.

Ann Marie: But, Dad. Hay is green.

Ann Marie’s habit of asking questions and questioning the answers led to a career in journalism. Before coming to Filament, she worked at several daily newspapers in southern Wisconsin, where she reported on local governments and covered the ag beat. Then, like now, her best days at work were on farms with a notebook in hand.

When not at work, Ann Marie plays with her two rescued pit bulls, does homework with her stepdaughters and avoids cleaning her house.

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