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G is for Grady, which also stands for:



Grady is a self-proclaimed star and owns the spotlight wherever he goes. (Just ask his littermates, this is nothing new). He makes every day in the Delafield office feel like a celebration. While it may seem like he’s running a one-man show, he happens to be a great teammate. He’s your go-to guy for brainstorming and creativity because he thrives on new ideas. His eye for detail and keen sense of style make him a one-of-a-kind. I mean, have you ever seen a pig with glitter on his hooves? He thinks not. After all, he grew up on a show farm and was raised by a couple of girls in 4-H.

Grady is the definition of an ESFP personality type: Talkative, easy-going and, of course, entertaining! To know this pig is to love him, and that’s exactly how he scored so many purple banners back in the day.

Grady’s days as a show pig may be numbered, but he plans to return to World Pork Expo with the Filament team each year. (He swears it’s not just for the ice cream or pig-shaped cookies).

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