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T is for Tanya, which also stands for:

Tanya Ciurro


Tanya’s favorite things? Correctly using hashtags, empowering teams to use social media and spending time with animals. Her combined passions brought her to Filament where she’s a social savant for her clients.

From Twitter updates to new LinkedIn ads, Tanya is right at home in the ever-changing world of B2B social media. It’s where she’s focused most of her career, from healthcare to finance.

Animals and the outdoors have always been a big part of Tanya’s life. When she’s not hiking mountains, it’s not uncommon to find Tanya happy poring over pictures of adorable animals. Her dogs, Milli (chihuahua) and Dwayne (lab/retriever mix), even have their own Instagram hashtags. #MilliCThePup #DwayneThePupJohnson

Fun fact about Tanya: her initials are TLC. Fitting, because she gives every animal tender, loving care.


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